Welcome Dorothy Shasta, a.k.a Dottie

You know I’m a little crazy, right? I know you know. When Erik was sick, a breeder I had been talking to put a video of puppies on her Facebook page. She had reached out to me weeks before and let me know a litter of five Havapoo’s (Havanese and Poodle) were born on June 17. I was on a waiting list so she wanted to know if I was ready.  Most were black and one was brownish, but it was already chosen. I had told her no because I thought we wanted our next dog not to have the same coloring as Curly.

But then I watched the puppy video, and after countless hours of sitting next to a feverish and lethargic child, I was weak, I needed some joy. I showed Erik the video and said, “What do you think? Do you want a puppy?” Umm…of course he did! After all the sickness, we really needed something adorable to look forward to, and man, she is so adorable.

So, a $100 deposit was sent for a little black puppy with white on her feet, chest and chin. We chose Dottie as her name. She was 8-weeks-old the weekend of August 12. We drove to Shasta County on Friday night and stayed in a motel. We woke up early and drove to the breeders home in Gazelle by 10 a.m.  This is a picture of Dottie with her siblings;  Josie, Buster, Walter and Gidget. We decided to make her middle name Shasta, after where she was born.

These are Dottie’s parents, Fifi (grey poodle) and Ricki (black and white havanese).

Ricki is a sturdy little guy and Fifi is on the tall side for a small poodle, so time will tell how big Dottie will be. They think she will be about 14 pounds, which is about the same size as Curly, our lhasapoo. We wanted something part poodle, because we love that Curly doesn’t shed. We wanted to avoid a lhasa if we could, because Curly is very protective of the boys and can be a little grouchy. We were hoping to find a friendlier breed. I did look online at rescues and at shelters. I started researching havanese and poodle mixes and everything I read led to our decision. Havapoo’s are supposed to be very playful and sweet. I’ve never had a puppy and I wanted the experience. Curly was probably around 10-months-old when I brought him home.

We visited with the breeders, Shelley and Glenn for a bit, saw their chickens and pigs and garden, and then we were ready to make the four-hour drive home to Sacramento with little Dottie. She was fantastic on the drive home!

We were SO excited to get home and introduce Dottie to Curly. Right away, Dottie grabbed Curly’s tail and started biting it. Curly didn’t like that at all. GROWL!!!

Saturday night she cried most of the night. Our neighbor lent us an enclosure for her and she likes it a lot. We keep her crate in there so she can go in and sleep. Sunday night was bad. Monday was better. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday she only cried once. She gets up about 5:30 a.m. We can watch her during the day on our Nest cam. She was crying a lot the first two days, but now she is doing great. She sleeps and plays.

We love her so much already. She is so fluffy and sweet. We look forward to training her to be a polite doggy and discovering her personality. Fingers crossed she and Curly can become friends. Thank you to everyone for being excited about our new fur-family member. We love you!



First day of school

Today is Casey’s first day as a seventh grader at Arden Middle School. Erik is now in the third grade.

Casey had orientation on Tuesday. He was fighting jet lag and Brochitis but he did it all with a huge a smile. Yesterday he organized his locker and walked around campus locating all of his classes.

Middle school starts at 7:40 a.m. He was up this morning, bright and early, raring to go. Mama Melanie picked him up at 7:05 a.m.

You guys!! Look at how small they were!! They are four-years-old here!

Erik was excited about starting third grade this morning. School starts at 8:10 a.m. for him, so he had to time to eat his breakfast slowly. I wasn’t able to get a picture of them together. Maybe later today they will let me take one.

Erik was super happy to see his buddies!

Looks like Erik is going to have a fantastic year! Hope everyone has a great day! Hugs and love to you.

P.S. I know today was super exciting but we are GETTING A PUPPY on SATURDAY!!! I cannot wait to share pictures and video with you all. My heart may just EXPLODE!!!! She was  born on June 27th. She is part poodle and havanese.

Cosmo the Surfing Dog

I am looking forward to posting pictures from our Hawaii trip and sharing some funny travel stories very soon. We got back at midnight on Monday and yesterday we took Casey back to the doctor, grocery shopped and did laundry. Why did we go to the doctor? Oh because Casey came down with a nasty cough in Hawaii. We ended up taking him to Kaiser in Honolulu on Thursday and getting him an inhaler and amoxicillin for Bronchitis. And wouldn’t you know it, just like Erik, the amoxicillin did nothing, so by Sunday, we were desperate to get home to get some real meds. Grrr. I don’t want to go to the doctor or a pharmacy again for a LONG ASS TIME!

At some point during the trip, I started to wonder if I am horrible de-germer/cleaner and am bringing all this stupid illness on my family somehow?! I mean WHAT-THE-HELL? I have PTSD from the sound of coughing. I don’t want to hear anymore DAMN coughing! I will be bleaching all the things and throwing away our toothbrushes again. WHAT THE HELL? What else can I do? I am open to suggestions!!!

I am back at work today. Pedar took the day off to take Casey to his junior high orientation. Wow. Yeah. Junior High.

Anyhoo, this post is about Cosmo the surf dog, you can find him on Instagram here. On Friday, after my Aunt and Uncle’s funeral, we went to the Jack Johnson concert with a bunch of cousins.

The day before we had gone to Kaiser for Casey. We tried to make most of the day, but was pretty bummed to spend a day in Hawaii at the doctor’s. Casey’s cough was so bad that we decided he should stay at the hotel with my Mom and not go to the concert. We gave our extra tickets to our cousins. So, we are at the concert, feeling concerned about Casey and generally a bit bummed and I look over and see Cosmo the Surf Dog on a skateboard. His owner is pushing him on the street. I point him out to Pedar and say, “Look, he looks like a big Curly! I love him!”

We get into the concert, grab some food and sit in the shade. Our grass seats were in the sun and it was HOT. As we are sitting, Cosmo and his owner sit down right in front of us! I jump up and rush to him. I show his owner pictures of Curly and I take pictures with Cosmo. He is a Tibetan Terrier and is just the coolest dog.

I was in such a poopy mood but after I petted Cosmo for a bit, I was so much happier. I think it was the universe telling me that everything was going to be OK. Thank you, Cosmo for making me smile.


Ready or not, here we come

I’m ready to put July behind me. It was a stressful month. Erik had pneumonia, work was crazy for both of us, so juggling a sick child made it all the more fun. We are ready to get out of town and enjoy some time away.

But before we leave, Pedar was able to finish the huge gate/fence project. Just a few more finishing touches and it is done! We went to the dump this morning and cleaned up the side yard of wood and junk, and that felt awesome!

You know how I love lists?? I made one back in April that had this stuff on it:

1. Finish Will and Living Trust.

2. Paver project around the pool. Build fence around pool equipment.

3. Fence/ Gate project!

4.  Keep cleaning yard and garage.

5. Go to Hawaii

We did it all!! Heck yeah!!!

I’m hugging it out with August!

On the mend

Erik is finally feeling a little better. He wasn’t able to keep his medicine down due to a fever and an awesome gag reflex, so his doc prescribed Zofran and now he is finally off the couch. Pedar and I want to see him moving around!! He was able to keep a bowl of soup down today. It has been a week of jello and popsicles and we were getting worried. His doctor is so wonderful. She has called me everyday. Curly has still not left his side. It is very sweet but I can imagine when you are 103 you don’t want a warm dog leaning against you!

Casey left on Monday for Camp Winthers. After all the coughing and vomit he watched this weekend, he almost ran out of the door. I am so glad he is off having a good time this week.

I cannot wait for Friday! Our dear friends from Maryland are coming and I just know that Erik will be feeling better and Casey will be home and my shoulders will be officially dropped to their normal resting place. I am planning on a weekend of fun and excellent health.

I hope you are feeling well. I am closing my eyes right now and sending you love and hugs and a furry puppy.

P is for pneumonia, not N, like it should be

Erik woke up Tuesday around 4 a.m. coughing really hard. He was sleeping out in the living room with his cousins, so we moved him into our bed. We noticed he had a fever, so we gave him  Tylenol. We canceled the sitter and Pedar worked from home. Erik didn’t improve much on Tuesday. He woke up throughout the night, and his temperature kept rising to 102/103 whenever the Tylenol would lapse. Pedar stayed with him again on Wednesday. After another rough night, I called the advice nurse on Thursday morning. I was home with him and wanted to get him in to see the doc early that morning. She told me that he could have a fever for five days and he wasn’t wheezing, so he would be on the mend soon. But he wasn’t. He was vomiting whenever the fever spiked and he was barely moving from the couch.

Friday morning I called again. Once again I was told that a fever like his was normal. My intuition said No. This cough and fever was not normal for Erik. I knew that if I told her he was wheezing, I would get an appointment. BINGO. Pedar took him in. He got a chest X-Ray and they confirmed he has pneumonia. I hated hearing that he had it, but at least we would now get some medicine to help him. Pedar waited forever for his prescription and they were finally on their way. Poor guy couldn’t keep down the first dose, we are hoping the rest stays down to work its magic.

I am SO grateful for medical insurance. I am grateful for flexible jobs. I am grateful for an adorable dog that won’t leave his side. I am grateful for air conditioning. I am grateful for Tylenol. I am grateful for popsicles.

Curly has been so sweet to him. He has never left his side. Grateful for our sweet fur-friend who is so gentle. Bring on the healing! We could really use a good night’s sleep.

Aloha Ohana

Leif, Sierra, Ava and Lola flew into Sacramento on Sunday morning. We had 48 hours to show them some love and support before they jumped on their final flight to their new home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. They have been through a lot these past few months. We could only imagine the stress and thousands of conversations they had about moving. So hard. Our goal was to give them a relaxing couple of days and make a few memories to last us until we see eachother again.

We all gathered at Mor Mor and Pop’s on Sunday and enjoyed a fun day of swimming and playing. Sunday night, Dagny and Dean treated us to a delicious taco dinner and we all enjoyed their beautiful new pool. We ended the evening at Gunther’s and the girls spent the night with us. The next day we hung out at our house all day and night. They flew out on Tuesday morning. We look forward to visiting them and seeing their gorgeous new home and community. Thank goodness for FaceTime and the phone. We are sending them off with a ton of love and keeping them in our prayers as they get settled in. We will miss being able to drive to you so much. We love you!!


Fourth of July

Yesterday was fantastic! We went to our adorable Beyerford Heights neighborhood parade with both of the grandparents and Dagny, Dean and Addie. We visited after the parade for a bit and then swam with a few friends later in the day. Working the next day takes a bit of gun-powder out of my firecracker, but we still had a great time.

I’m going to say it, I am not a fan of fireworks. Watching money burn up in seconds makes me feel a little queasy. Let’s bring back the family talent show and teach kids a few patriotic songs. I would like to leave the big firework shows for professionals. Every Fourth of July has a pooper, that’s why I invited myself, Fourth of July, pooper!!

Hope the rest of your week is kind to you. Happy Hump Day for everyone working! I’m feeling sleepy right along with you.